Thursday, December 02, 2004

From the Lucifer Poets Vault:


Actually I was going to suggest Maura and her Black Sox group. The other, obvious and already tapped, source is the noon poets.

What exactly are you looking for though? I know that you've stated "non-slam/non-uni/non-mfa", but who do you expect those search criteria to produce? I'm not asking this question to shoot down your aim (a very admirable aim I think.) Instead, I'd like to know what sort of model you had in mind?

The model that popped into my head was Emily Dickinson -- talk about outsider, right? But then I started thinking "what would Dickinson's poems have been like if she had a group to talk about poems with of ten or so people who all wrote and studied poetry?"

What if Emily Dickinson was a lucipo member??

What would've happened to her poetry? Those that are familiar with her work know that when other folks (chiefly her editor) read her poems way back when that he (right?) felt the need to revise out of them most of the things folks now praise her for.

Do the people that you're looking for want to be a part of the fest? (Again, not meant to deflate the quest.) Would they benefit from being part of the fest?

The larger question, of course, is what benefits and detriments acrue as a result of being an "insider."

The other question is to what degree do we/you/I believe the writing of poetry has been succesfully professionalized, meaning: "do folks who don't pursue degrees in english write, study, and read poetry in ways that are comparable to their peers that have pursued those degrees?" We can all come up with examples of folks that don't fit the stereotypical mode I'm sure, but the question remains for me beyond knowledge of specific cases.

The most productive non-slam/non-uni/non-mfa poets that I know are mostly in high school, you know what I mean?? (what can I say, they impress easy....

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